About Ubora

‘Ubora’ is an African term translating to “excellence” or “goodness”. At Ubora our primary goal is “value creation by connecting people, communities and networks”.

We lay special emphasis in providing connectivity at the last mile while offering a universal coverage to the rural and marginalized geographies of Africa.

Our strategy aims at working with communities and partners across Africa to in turn develop, implement and institutionalize universal coverage initiatives, consequently strengthening and improving connectivity across Africa.

Ubora’s expertise is anchored in the science of continuous improvement. Our approach is based on working with partners and communities. It is informed by the following design principles:-

  • Variation IT systems that are perfectly designed to deliver their outcomes with a need to minimize variation in IT systems.
  • Psychology of human behavior- understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of community members as key to achieving success.
  • Theory of knowledge – for the more we understand our systems, the greater chances of generating the changes that ultimately lead to improvement.

Ubora focus at approaching each community with a partnership attitude. we strive to be an integral part of our partners’ business understanding that it is not just about technology, it’s about people. We believe that when people are able to utilize the technology that they have access to, the transformation and success begins. As we implement our business we aim at creating partnerships across all levels of the ICT(Information and Communication Technology).

Ubora empowers the ICT trained youth from local communities thus localizing service delivery otherwise known as community based service provision in community oriented projects (connecting villages, schools and hospitals). We offers value based services for Healthcare, Education, E-Governance, Rural BPO’s and Transforming Agriculture.

Ubora Systems and Solutions Limited, Hindu Council of Kenya, Office No: B2, 3rd Parklands, Kusi Lane, Nairobi, kenya.
Tel: +254 777 34 31 00, Email : info@ubora.co.ke, Website : www.ubora.co.ke